HTML5 Experiments

I love HTML5. These are some small toys I've developed to show it off:

Web MIDI Visualizer

Very basic visualization of notes from a MIDI device.

Browsmos (Work in Progress)

A loving tribute to Osmos, a wonderful and unique indie game.
Click on any side of your orb to push it. Scroll to zoom.

Spiral Generator

This simple particle-based demo is highly configurable and does some interesting mouse-based effects.

Starfield Screensaver

The classic screensaver, now for your modern browser.

Multiplayer Notepad

No, it's not IRC. It's websockets! (Powered by Socket.IO and Node.JS)

Playable Anti-Smoking Ad

A video-game-themed anti-smoking ad, brought to life with HTML5.

Canvas Pong

Battle against the CPU in this hyper-realistic tennis simulation.

Graph Generator

Nodes and edges never looked so good.

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