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You are the bright blue cell in the center of the screen.

Your job is to absorb smaller cells, while avoiding getting absorbed by larger cells.

Become the biggest cell in the pond and you win!


Move by clicking on any side of your cell. You'll propel in the opposite direction.

Scroll using the mouse wheel to zoom.

Keyboard Shortcuts

R - Random new level

P - Pause

M - Mute sounds

H - Show this help again

Install, More Info, and Reviews

Open Source

The source code to this game is on GitHub: Browsmos on GitHub


Browsmos is written and designed by Stephen Eisenhauer, but inspired by an award-winning game called Osmos, which is made by Hemisphere Games.

Osmos is a fantastic game, definitely worth checking out and buying!

Music is included from the ccMixter community: "Black Rainbow" by Pitx, and "Circles" by rewob.