Browsmos is a game the web browser, made entirely using HTML5, and inspired heavily by the gameplay of Osmos.

The rules are simple; click to propel yourself around, and try to absorb smaller cells until you become the biggest. Watch out for larger cells, or they will absorb you!


Click here to play Browsmos now in your browser. The following browsers are known to work well with Browsmos:

  • Google Chrome / Chromium
  • Firefox 4
  • Safari 4


Browsmos can also be installed as an app in Chromium or Google Chrome, requiring no internet connectivity to play.


A screenshot of gameplay in Browsmos

Source Code

Browsmos is written in unobfuscated JavaScript using HTML5 and CSS3.

Any JavaScript sources within Browsmos are hereby licensed under the Simplified BSD License. You are free to modify and redistribute Browsmos, but, if you do, please:

  • don't distribute modifications as though they are my own
  • consider including an attribution, preferably linking to this page

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